Distal Tibia and Fibula Plates 2.7/3.5

The system comprises LOQTEQ® distal tibia plates for medial and anterolateral application as well as lateral distal fibula plates. Number and placement of plate holes as well as the screw trajectories are designed for treatment of a wide range of fracture types. The distal design respects the minimal soft tissue coverage and helps preventing potential irritation due to implant prominences. All plates are available for monoaxial locking only or with variable-angled locking options in the metaphyseal portion.

Distal Medial Tibia Plate 3.5  

  • Variable angle (VA) and monoaxial locking plates
  • Low profile plate and screw heads in the distal section
  • Numerous screw options for treatment of complex fractures

Distal Anterolateral Tibia Plate 3.5

  • Variable angle (VA) and monoaxial locking plates
  • Distal screws aligned with the joint surface
  • Secures Volkmann’s triangle and Chaput fragment

Distal Fibula Plate 2.7/3.5 and 3.5

  • ø2.7mm screws distally in variable angle (VA) locking plates
  • 1.8mm profile height
  • Three times the load stability of a 1/3 tubular plate
  • For articular fractures and osteoporotic bones



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