Elbow Plates 2.7/3.5

Now also available in polyaxial version!

The LOQTEQ® Elbow System has been designed for the treatment of fractures of the distal Humerus and the proximal Ulna. The sophisiticated anatomical design of the plates may act as a repositioning guide in the reduction of complex fractures and allows surgeons choosing either 90° or 180° double plating techniques at the distal Humerus. The reduced joint sections are stably fixated and can be mobilized at an early stage. All plates are available for monoaxial locking only or with variable-angled locking options in the metaphyseal portion.

Distal humerus - 90° double plating

  • Variable angle (VA) and monoaxial locking plates
  • Combination of medial and dorsolateral plate
  • ø2.7mm screws near joint, ø3.5mm in the shaft
  • Plate length 85 to 206 mm

Distal humerus - 180° double plating

  • Variable angle (VA) and monoaxial locking plates
  • Combination of medial and lateral plate
  • Targeting frame for secure positioning of the most distal screws
  • Plate length 86 to 202 mm

Olecranon Plate
2.7 / 3.5 

  • Anatomically shaped
  • Variable angle (VA) and monoaxial locking plates
  • Low profile in metaphyseal section
  • Screw alignment for stabilizing the coronoid and the coronoid process
  • Plate length 86 to 190 mm



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